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The following links offer more free printables from individuals generously sharing their work for noncommercial enjoyment. Many such sites have been withdrawn due to theft of work for profit or other uncredited use. In the end, we all lose. Those of you tempted to gain from other's hard work, think about this: there's no such thing as a mini thief, or a mini Hell.

I'm off my mini soapbox now. The rest of you enjoy!

Small Stuff A major resource for all things mini. Offers a free email message board/digest full of great ideas. Search the site archives for more free printables and a treasure trove of dollhouse crafting tips. A growing net of miniature lovers. Projects, tips, resource links, message board, chat, and everything else. Hosted by Lisa Volrath
Jim's Printable Minis The Granddaddy of free printable dollhouse minis
Jean Day Miniatures More printables from a respected Canadian mini artisan and enthusiast. Also a member and access point for the mini web ring. The think tank behind my mini aquarium. Thank's again, Jean!
Printies More free dollhouse printables. Great new Easter goodies (3/01) definitely worth a visit. Site recently rebuilt for faster downloading
From the Heart Miniatures For some very attractive DIY Oriental mini projects. Pass the sushi, please!
Home Spun Miniatures Nice country themed mini printables. A cozy, printable fire place, a grandfather clock (and a very cute dog!)
Miniature Reality A multitude of well organized projects, printables, tips, hints, photos, and many more mini links.
Raz's Dollhouse Pages A great miniature site returns! Feeling creative? Check here for a wonderful tutorial for making your own printables with Paint Shop Pro. The instructions are simple and basic and can be adapted to any paint or graphics program you own. So what's stopping you? :^)
Michelle's Dollhouse A dollhouse and mini printable lover just like me! Download a free mini printable cookbook and other texts while you're there
Other Sites of Interest  
Angie Scarr Miniatures Incredible, astounding, amazing and wonderful fimo food. Be sure to view the tutorial on making oranges! Yummy! Did I mention delicious?
Brooke Tucker The mini crafter we all wish to be. Once you see Brooke's rooms, you'll want to live in them!
Scanning Tips An SS digest member was kind enough to share this link with the rest of us. Everything you ever wanted to know about scanning and how to get the best results when printing images. I learned a lot here and think it's well worth a thorough read.


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Dollhouse Miniature Printables

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