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Six different quilts and some matching wallpapers and borders. The wallpapers can be printed on fabric for use as coordinating quilt material.

Album Quilt- includes matching curtain fabric and pillows

a matching waste basket, too -Album Quilt Waste Basket

Bear Paw Quilt -also an ensemble

Maple Leaf Quilt -takes the basic shapes of Bear Paw patches and reinterprets them into new form. The bright colors of orange and red are reproduced from a quilt made in Ohio in the 1880's.

English Garden Quilt -One of the earliest patchwork patterns to reach American shores from England was the patchwork hexagon quilt. Often made of silk, the construction method involved the cutting of many hundreds of paper templates which were tacked to fabric scraps and used as guides for folding and sewing.

SpoolsQuilt -also known as bowties. A popular American quilt pattern for more than 100 years. Often made from scraps, it continues to be a favorite of modern quilters and underscores the close traditional ties between women and the home arts.

Wedding Ring Quilt -Known as one of the most difficult quilt patterns to construct, the double wedding ring is a test of a skill. You'll need to carefully set your printer settings and margins to print this larger quilt on an 8.5 x 11 inch sheet of prepared fabric. The quilt itself was made to measure 7.25 inches x 7.25 inches. Two matching pillows complete the set.

Quilts, Quilts, Quilts! ~click here for the collection~


A growing collection of miniature flags that represent many of the nations this site has visited. Includes "Stars and Stripes" -the US flag in three versions with matching bunting.

Flags of the World ~click here for the collection~


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