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About Use of Graphics on This Site

It is always a great pleasure to hear from visitors who have enjoyed my printables. As you can see from the info posted on each page of this site, these printables are intended for noncommercial use only and are copyrighted. That means they belong to me, subject to the conditions I impose. My intent is not to make money from these graphics but to share and hopefully benefit others, especially children around the world. You can print and use as many copies as you need as long as they are not sold.

In the past, I have granted limited commercial use to visitors who have written me for permission. Most people using these commercially are small home business owners who wish to incorporate my projects into works for sale. I am usually most willing to help out with a few conditions. Since I have recently been getting more inquiries about commercial use of these graphics, I thought it was time to put up some info on the conditions I impose.

Terms and Conditions for Commercial Use

First- you must write to tell me how the graphics will be used so I can decide if the use is permissable. Contact me through any of the email links on each page of this site. You will see such a link at the bottom of the navigation bar on the left.

- A permissable use would be incorporation into a commercial project of your own creation such as a dollhouse, roombox, etc.

- A NON-permissable use would be printing the graphics and selling them as printed sheets for others to construct. These graphics take time to create and develop so naturally I would not want others to easily profit from my own hard work when I offer these freely for non commercial use on the net.

Secondly- If permission is granted for commercial use, I ask that commercial users make a good conscience donation to a children's charity of their own choosing in an amount equal to what my works represent to the sale. I don't require that you tell me to what charity or how much you've donated and you need not contribute anything until you've made a sale. I'm trusting to a pure honor system based on what is in your heart.

If you need a suggestion for a children's charity, among my personal favorites are the Ronald McDonald Houses, many of which contain dollhouses donated by miniature clubs. The McDonald houses are near and very dear to my heart as a mother and as a registered nurse by profession. These houses provide a safe and welcoming haven for very ill children and their families in need. You can read more about them and even make an online donation here:

Ronald McDonald Children's Charity

I hope you can see that these terms and conditions are not imposed for my personal profit but in the spirit of giving and sharing with all who inhabit this small place we call home, especially children. I truly believe our world is only made better when we each do our part, however tiny, to reach out and touch others in the spirit of goodness and love. To anyone tempted to steal and abuse these mini graphics for their own personal gain, I can only assure you there is no such place as a mini hell.

Blessings to all and happy crafting!

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