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Here are a few homeless odds and ends, half baked ideas and what not.
You never know what you'll find in the junk drawer!

Tea Boxes

For tea bags-

Cut a real tea bag into small rectangles. Fold in half and glue edges. Use thread for strings and attach tags.

sample - click for large printable sheet

sample - click for large printable sheet

Printable wood "planking" that could be cut and used for steps and hallways or wainscoting.

Click on samples for printable graphic sheets. Sized to print about 4 inches wide by 7 inches long for Windows users printing at 100%.

~ Folk Art Bread Box ~

The breadbox and clock will each print on a 5 x 8 inch index card. For a sturdier piece use the unprinted surface of a recycled greeting card that's 5 x 8 or larger

You may need to reset printer margins to maximum when using these sized papers. Please preview before printing.

A mustard seed makes a good handle for the box lid.

To save images:

Windows -right click on the image and save as a desktop file.

Mac -click on the image and choose"save this image as....."

Mac users on Netscape can simply drag the image to the desktop.

Please Read: About images and scale.

Before printing, preview picture on your printer to insure entire image will be printed. Reset print margins or reduce/enlarge image size as needed.

~ A welcome mat for tiny feet ~

~ Some scanned boxes in 1:12 scale ~ 

~ Mini Mantel Clock ~

Come back soon and rummage around!

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